by Rocket Bureau

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Recorded to analog 1/2" 8-track.

For best results, play at high volume over large high-fidelity speakers.


released January 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Rocket Bureau Madison, Wisconsin

One 8-track reel-to-reel, one basement, one dude with rock'n'roll ideals.

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Track Name: Clarabelle
Clarabelle, oh can you tell me
Why you never smile?
Secrets hidden and forbidden
With confidential style
Tell me truly what's the cruelty?
The undeserved fate?
Were you wronged by someone you longed for
Who wouldn't take your bait?

Clarabell, I can foretell
As old as any rhyme
Jealous hearts will play their parts
To perfection every time
Your insistence of keeping distance
Isn't really fair
I wish you weren't so far away
Every time you're lying there

I can see in your eyes, you're looking right through me
It's not a clever disguise
I know every thing
And I wish that you would be through with me

Clarabelle, oh what the hell
I know you're not bereaved
Your sorry act is quite transparent
Don't be so naive
You put a wall around your beauty
With tongue so sharp & vile
You don't wanna hear it, but you know
You're only pretty when you smile
Track Name: Along Comes Sam
Samantha is a woman I can rely on to always leave on her light
But after every time that we encounter, I wonder what I'm doing right

She's outta my league and I'm outta my mind
Thinkin' I'm the only one
That she's got to call on any old time
That she wants to have some fun

Along comes Sam
When I don't need nobody to talk to
Along comes Sam
She'll make everything all right

Samantha's always saying she thinks I'm crazy, and I don't believe she's wrong
There's something in her touch that makes me lazy, when I should be moving along

I love my life, and I don't need a wife
Keeping me stuck to the ground
It's only a fling, doesn't mean anything
But I don't mind a pretty face around

Along comes Sam
When I don't need nobody to talk to
Along comes Sam
She'll make everything all right